My favourite routes in Switzerland

Albula Pass is situated between the Albula Valley and the Engadin valley and takes you to 2315 meters hight and has an imprissive railroad following the road on the west side. Read about the trip here!
Bernina Pass offers entertaining riding and takes you to 2328 meteres and has the highest railroad without wire- or toothed wheel support. Read about the trip here!
Lukmanier Pass is not among the most spectacular but took us to a strategic position for our next ride. Read about the trip!
San Bernardino Pass takes you to 2066 meteres and offers fantastic riding on both sides. Read about the trip here!
Splügen Pass is 2113 meters high and have entertaining roads on the Italian end the Swiss side. Read about the trip here!
Umbrail_index Umbrail Pass connects Switzerland and Italy and takes you to 2503 meters height and is close to the Stelvio Pass and the Gavia Pass. Read about the trip here!