An adventurous shortcut

Many roads lead to Troendelag and if you are riding the E6 through the Gudbrandsdal valley this “detour” is actually a shortcut. Road 27 and 29 from Ringebu to Hjerkinn is shorter than the E6 and offers stunning scenery and riding. Come join me for the ride.

Distance: 113 km. Highest point: 1160 m.a.s.l.

I rarely ride E6 through Gudbrandsdalen when heading for Troendelag, and when I do I usually deviate at Ringebu or Frya just north of Ringebu, and take road 27 over Venabygdfjellet. When I get up the hill and around the long left turn with Trabelifjellet on my left, I have a magnificent panorama over Ringebufjellet and Venabygdfjellet with the Bølhøgdene and Muen dominating the view.

After passing Venabu I’m on the mountain plateau and the road winds in long gentle curves toward Muen, which is easily visible with its 1424 meters above sea level. As I pass Muen I have the majestic Soelnkletten with 1827 meters height as a landmark straight ahead. After I passed Muen and the lake Muenvatnet I’m on the road’s highest point, 1060 masl. Now the road falls through the Snoedoeldal to Enden. First in long soft curves then in hairpins and with sheep by the roadside.

I’m not on sightseeing today, so there will be no detour down to look at Sollia church this time. At the junction at Enden I take left and pass Rondane Gjestegaard just after the intersection. The road winds between lakes and along the river up to Atnfossen. Here I stop to take a closer look at the new museum the Public Roads Administration has set up in conjunction with the National Tourist Routes.

After a short walk along the waterfall I’m on the road again. The road ahead is now following the Atnsjoe and the river Atna. And I get frequent glimpses of the Rondane mountains  ahead. I have a lunch box and decide to pass the Atnasjoe Café before I stop at the viewpoint Sohlbergplassen. The special design makes this an attraction in itself, but I fall primarily for the magnificent view of the Atnsjoe in the foreground and Rondane towering in the background. More beautiful mountains are hard to find.

The road is now high above the valley floor, but then it starts descending and suddenly are the Atnsjoemyrene marshes and the Rondane right in front of me. Chills runs down my spine, wellness chills – this is the most beautiful view I know of. The road no runs on the edge of the marshes and the view of Rondane is at its most beautiful.

Already in September there is a little white cap of snow on the peaks.
Along the marsh the road is bumpy, but with reduced speed and caution this is not a problem. The temperature is good, 16 C plus and sunny, so I do not need the heated room at Stroembu picnic area. Here is also a kiosk and toilets, but it is first and foremost the beautiful view towards Rondane that makes it worth a stop.

The road ahead offers wonderful driving. In Folldal I have the opportunity of some sightseeing, with mining as the main theme. If I shall arrive at Levanger in time for my appointment, so I keep going. I turn left on to road 29 towards Hjerkinn. I enjoy the ride and the mountain scenery on a perfect road. This is a first class ride. Almost no traffic, beautiful road, stunning views and fantastic weather. At Hjerkinn I turn right on to E6 northbound and stop at the rest area at the highest point. I eat my lunch while I enjoy the view of Snoehetta which have already white caps.

While I ride north on E6 on black asphalt with a sharp yellow center line, I think of how lucky I am to experience such a day. It is to stay on the E6, but much more adventurous to take a detour, away from the bustle and be able to combine transport with such gorgeous scenery.

Have a nice ride guys!

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Venabu Fjellhotel
Spidsbergseter Gudbrandsdal Hotel
Rondane Gjestegaard
Fjelltun Pensjonat
Snoeheim Turisthytte
Atnasjoe Café

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