My favourite routes in Norway

Setskog and Rømskog and the area east of Oslo towards the Swedish border offers fantastic motorcycle riding. Read about the trip here!
A trip to TunhovdImingfjell and Hovin was just what I needed this Saturday. Gorgeous roads and scenery in one package. Read about the trip here!
Sigdal and Eggedal in Buskerud offers entertaining roads and nice sceneries – I did this trip in May while the lilac trees where blooming.  Read about the trip here!
The roads east of Glomma offers good motorcycling and after Storelgen they take you through RendalenBrydalen and Tolga to Roros and over the mountains to Tydal. Read about the trip here!
indeks_1 Ryfylke – Allmannajuvet deserves a visit and we rode over Haukelifjell and Saudavegen and had a fantastic ride in a very special mountain area. Read about the trip here!
Fjellturen_2016_nor Seven mountains in one day – I had planned to have a look at the Hardanger Bridge and in the evening I had 800 kilometers on the tripmeter. Read about the trip here!
atl_1 Atlanterhavsvegen is a road quite out of the ordinary and is an experience especially when the north west winds force the sea over the small islands.Read about the trip here!
The trip over the Aurlandsfjellet takes you from the deep green Aurlandsfjord via the naked Mountains to the Erdal valley and Laerdalsfjord.Read about the trip here!
geiranger_06 A trip to Geiranger can be extended with a detour to Dalsnibba (1476 m.a.s.l.) and will give you more than 1500 height meters in 21 km. Read about the trip here!
golsfjellet The Autumn is Perfect for some relaxed riding on deserted gravel roads. This is my story from an october ride at Golsfjellet. Read about the trip here!
Hurum is located a few miles from Oslo and gives a taste of the South coast and a ride around the peninsula is a perfect afternoon ride. Read ablut the trip here!
Imingfjell_L_08 The trip from Numedalen over Imingfjell down Tessungdalen to Austbygde by the lake Tinnsjøen is a nice daytrip if you start in Oslo. Read abut the trip here!
Lindesnes Fyr_L The detour to  Lindesnes Lighthouse is a welcome diversion from the E 18. The 28 kilometres offers nice wiews and entertaining riding. Read about the trip here!
5-fjaerland_180x60 Skålatårnet was the destination of this weekend. I peaked the trip with a fantastic motorcycle ride over mountains through valleys and along fjords via Hemsedal to Loen. Read about the trip here!
Rondevegen_00 Many roads lead to Troendelag and if you are riding the E6 through the Gudbrandsdal valley the «detour» on Rondevegen is actually a shortcut… Read about the trip here!
Havet_pres Straumen – Lauvoya. I rode to the ocean and got fantastic motorcycling and brilliant sceneries as a bonus. Read about the trip here!
svangtjernmyra_L Nearby many roads there are nice spots that are perfect for a break. Svangtjernmyra nature reserve is one of them . Read about the trip here!
skaret_1 The road 285 between Sylling and Skaret is a classic stretch of road for motorcyclist in search of curves in the warm afternoon sun. Read about the trip here!
Sylling_vikersund_l There are many nice motorcycling roads whithin a hours ride from Oslo. Road 284 between Sylling and Vikersund is one of them. Read about the trip here!
trollstigen1 Trollstigen is one of if not the most popular tourist road in Norway. Its situated on road 63 between Aandalsnes og Valldal. Read about the trip here!
tu_gaustat_L A trip to charming Tuddal can be higlighted by a trek to the 1883 meters high Gaustatoppen mountain. Read about the trip here!