Sylling – Vikersund

Lier and Modum, Fv 284, Buskerud, Norway. 33,5 km

There are many good motorcycling roads just one hour from Oslo. Fv 284 between Sylling and Vikersund is one of them. The road follows the south bank of the Tyrifjord and was one of my favourites in the 80’s. But it has been in very bad condition for many years. Now it is in shape again and offers perfect riding conditions.

I recommend you to ride it both ways. And a perfect way to end a summer afternoon is to take the ride from Vikersund to Sylling. The road is demanding and entertaining and if you show some respect this road is a rewarding experience.

o top the afternoon ride you can do the Fv 285 from Sylling to Skaret.