Honda CB 350 Four [1974]

Honda CB 350 Four, 1974

After the Suzuki GT 380 it took a while to get used to the Honda CB 350 Four. The little Honda have the same weight, but is smaller and easier to handle. The small four stroke engine needed more revs to perform. The engine is a jewel, eager and liked high revs. Although 34 hp is modest today, at that time is was sufficient, at least when we consider the Norwegian speed limits of 80 kph. And as long as I was touring alone the 350 Four was a entertaining companion.

The small engine was demanding when it comes to servicing, with an oil change every 2500 km and a change of oil filter every 5000 km. I used a lot of Castrol oil. As I was touring in the weekends, I enjoyed the trips from Skogn to Langstein in the middle of the week, looking at the sunset over the Trondheimsfjord and the smell of fresh Castrol oil.

The CB 350 Four was used travelling in the Trøndelag region, but a trip to Italy was the longest trip. This trip took us through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland to Italy and over the Fluela and Bernina passes. I the heat by the Italian Riviera a strange noise came from the engine. But this did not effect the output and I rode home. When I opened the engine I found that the cam and the cam followers were heavily worn. I replaced these and also fitted an oil cooler. On the first ride in the spring of 1974 I had a leak in the front fork. Except for these two details the CB 350 Four was very reliable.

I kept the Honda at it was original. The chrome luggage carrier on the picture bellow was changed in favour of a smaller self made luggage and side pannier carrier and the “soft” bags was fitted permanently and with integrated turn signals. I fitted Koni shock absorbers and a H4 headlight the first summer I had the little Honda. Dunlop TT 100 tires, 3.10-18 front, and 3.60-18 at the rear was an obvious choice.

When I look at the CB 350 Four today it is surprisingly small. But in 1974 it was a nice an capable machine, may be because I myself was a lightweight at the time. I sold the CB 350 Four when I joined the army.

You can read more about the Honda CB 350 Four here:

Honda CB 350 Four 1974

Engine: 4-cylinder four-stroke. Air-cooled. 4 carburettors. Kick- and electric starter.
Compression: 9,3:1.
Bore x stroke: 47 x 50 mm.
Cylinder volume: 347 ccm.
Power: 34 hp at 9500 rpm.
Transmission: 6-speed. Chain.
Fuel capacity: 12 litres.
Frame: Steel.
Tyres: 3.00-18 front, 3.50-18 rear.
Brakes: One disc and calliper with one piston front. Drum, rear.
Weight: 170 kg.
Top speed: 155 km/h.