Passo di Valparola

Dolomites, Italy. 15 km. Altitude: 2192 m.a.s.l.

We had already done two passes today, we are going around the Sella group in an the form of an eight and started with the Pordoi pass, then we rode the Campolongo pass and now we are doing the Valparola pass. We are coming from Corvara, rides down the valley to La Villa where we turn south on the SP37.

It starts nicely on a fairly narrow road. But it widens. The Dolomites are impressive as we take on the steeper part of the climb towards the pass. This is in fact one of the easiest passes of the Alps, with wide a wide road and nice predictable curves. We stop at the Rifugio Passo di Valparola and admire the view.

The highest point on the Valparola pass is on the wide plain after the Rifugio. The road changes from SP37 to SP24 as we cross the county boarder and its takes you gently down towards the Falzarego pass and gives your a nice view to the first turns down the south side of the Falzarego pass.

The route over Passo di Valparola can be combined with the routes over Passo di Sella and Passo di Giau.

Where to stay:

Hotel Stella, Moena