Sunny Hurum

A taste of the South coast just outside Oslo

30 kilometres from Oslo you can experience south coast idyll and whitewashed houses. Hurum is a peninsula between the Oslofjord and the Drammensfjord with idyllic archipelago, charming villages with small white painted houses and fine harbors and swimming areas. This is a gem just a few kilometers from the capital and perfect for an afternoon or evening ride.

Distanse: 94 km. Fra E18 Hvalstad til Fv 282 Lier.

The spring arrives early at Hurum. This trip can be enjoyed starting from Drammen/Lier and from Oslo/Hvalstad. The finest views and proximity to the sea you get if you start in Lier, but in the afternoon you ride towards the sun. Riding the opposite direction you can enjoy the warmth of the evening sun at you back as you ride along the Drammensfjord.

This time we start in Oslo and follow the E18 to Hvalstad and take the road 165 towards Slemmestad. On our way we pass the busy marina in Leangbukta, the charming Konglungen and Vollen. After Slemmestad we keep left onto road 281 in the direction Naersnes, Aaros and Saetre. In Saetre we continue along the fjord to Filtvet where you may take a walk down to the pier and the lighthouse. At Tofte you have a lovely view of the outer part ofthe Oslofjord.

On your ride to Lier is Holmsbu a tempting and almost obligatory stopover. The idyllic harbor surrounded by small white houses has a bustling activity in the summer months. And a little break with a snack is recommended.

The road along the Drammensfjord is a nice end to our trip, especially in the afternoon/evening with a nice sunset. If you are hungry or thirsty after the trip you can end the trip at the Lier-Kroa with a good meal.

Are you looking for some more kilometers, we can recommend the trip via Sylling to Skaret, and if Drammen is your base the trip via Sylling to Vikersund is a nice trip to end a nice evening ride.

We turn the route arond:

Coming from Drammen, you follow the signs in direction of Droebak on road 23. At the junction before the hill towards Roeyken take the road the right in the roundabout in direction of Hyggen and Klokkerstua. From here you follow the fjord to Slemmestad on the other side of the penincula. If you want to shorten the route you can take the shortcut over to Sætre from  junction by Svelvik and still get an entertaining trip. But I recommend the full route via Holmsbu, Tofte and Filtvet. Have a nice ride!