Tuddal – Gaustatoppen

Tuddal – Gaustatoppen, Hjartdal and Tinn, Telemark. 47 km. 1275 m.a.s.l.

A detour in charming Tuddal is topped with breathtaking mountain views and to complete the trip you can hike to Gaustatoppen.

You will find Tuddal and Gaustatoppen between E 134 and road 37.

You can start from E134 in Sauland in the south or from road 37 at Dalen, west of Rjukan if you come from the north.

From Sauland the route starts with a curvy and inviting stretch of road up to Tuddal. The road is narrow, so take this into account in the blind corners. The road winds along the river to the village Tuddal. For the mature motorcyclists Tuddal might be known as the site of some of the Troll Rally meetings in the 70s.

In Tuddal you have the option to take a 40 kilometres detour to Bondal. Please note if you are low on fuel, there are no petrol station in Tuddal and the detour ads another 80 kilometres to your trip.

From Tuddal the road is rising in hairpin bends up the mountain. Once you complete the climb you have a nice view to the south.

The highest point on the route is 1275 meters. On the way down on the north side you can take a break at the parking under Gaustatoppen. You cannot drive up, but take time and hike the mountain. Or you can take the cable car inside the mountain. On a day with clear views is the view from the top amazing. They say you can see 60 000 km2 of the area of Norway from Gaustatoppen in clear weather.

The road continues towards Rjukan in tight bends down to Dale where you enter road 37.

This route can also combine with route over Imingfjell.

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