Honda CBX 550F [1982]

Honda CBX 550F, 1982

After 75 000 km on the Suzuki GS 400 I felt I could make my self a treat and upgrade to a more powerful bike. While I had the GS 400 I had the opportunity ride several different bikes, but it was the medium sized bikes I liked the most. When Honda introduced the CBX 550 bikes I fell in love. The right size, modern and with several features not usual in this class triggered my curiosity.

On June 11th 1982 I picked up the bike in the box and put it together myself. The biggest problem was mounting the covered front brake and the antidive links on the front fork. Unusual details in this class at that time. Neither was the Pro-Link rear suspension. I enjoyed assembling the bike, and the three hours it took me passed very fast.

The CBX was really nice on the road. It was easy handling, and had a fantastic engine. 60 Hp was well up on the GS 400 and quit decent at that time. And the small four cylinder engine was spinning like a turbine, and liked high revs.

I bought a Krauser luggage system with a rear carrier and to side bags. The rear carrier was only used on the summer holiday trip to the Riviera. With the Krauser bags on we clearly see how small the CBX 550 was. I was delighted with the bike, and when riding alone it was perfect for Norwegian conditions. But with a pillion the stability was ruined as the short wheelbase put to much weight on the rear wheel and too little up front. The GS 400 was better suited to riding with pillion and luggage.

In September 1982 I decided to change in favour of a more suitable touring bike. The CBX 550 had served me for 14 345 km

Honda CBX 500F 1982

Engine: 4-cylinder four-stroke. Air-cooled. 4 carburettors.
Compression: 9,5:1.
Bore x stroke: 59,2 x 52,0 mm.
Cylinder volume: 572 ccm.
Power: 60 hp at 10 000 rpm.
Transmission: 6-speed. Chain.
Fuel capacity: 18 litres.
Frame: Steel.
Tyres: 3.60-18 front, 4.10-18 rear.
Brakes: Two discs and callipers with two pistons front. Single disc rear.
Weight (wet): 209 kg.
Top speed: 190 km/h.