Charging during hibernation

It is easy to forget that some of all the bits and bobs we use when motorcycling need charging even when not in service.

Most of us have organised some kind of charging system for our motorcycles, I myself have a charger that I use on two motorcycles and a car. A few years ago, I left the motorcycle over the winter without charging. I got the battery back to life again, but it only lasted for a couple of weeks. Batteries are not happy to be discharged for a long time and a maintenance charger is a good investment.

But it is not just the motorcycle that requires regular charging. We are surrounded by more and more gadgets that are also equipped with batteries. Cameras, GPSs and intercoms all have batteries that require regular charging. They therefore require some attention in periods when they are not in service. In any case, make sure that the batteries are fully charged at the end of the season. It’s a good start, but not always enough.

Even if the screen on your GPS is black, it may not be turned off. The new GPSs have both Bluetooth and Wi-fi that increases power consumption. If you disconnect the power from the bike without using the device’s ON / OFF function, they will go into sleep-mode and continue using energy to search for Bluetooth and Wifi networks nearby. Therefore, always make sure that you press the ON / OFF button and select “Switch off” or “Exit”. The batteries in the GPS can be replaced, but they are expensive, and this requires some disassembly.-

Intercoms and cameras, whether still or video cameras, and their extra batteries should also be recharged two or three times if not in use during the winter.

Every second month I gather all my cameras, intercoms and GPSs for a charge check. If the batteries still have good capacity, it is not necessary to top up, but it is better to be on the safe side. To discover that the batteries cannot be revived a week before the start of the season is sour, I know ☹, but this can be avoided with a little planning. Good luck.

The motorcycle also need regular charging during hibernation.