Sylling – Skaret

Lier and Hole, Fv 285, Buskerud, Norway. 12,0 km

Road 285 from Sylling to Skaret at Sollihogda on E16 Oslo-Honefoss, winds north/south high above the Holsfjord and gives an occasional view over the Tyrifjord. This is a classic stretch of road for motorcyclist in search of curves. As it faces to the west the summer afternoon and evening is warm and gentle here. But you rather not be too late as a low sun can be a problem in some of the curves.

If your are on E16 the detour to Sylling takes no more than 20 minutes. It’s worth it if you want a change from the crowded E16 or just to take a rest in an peaceful place and watch the view over the fjord. As the curves can widen and increase it’s best to take it easy the first time around. Enjoy!

This route can be combined with the route Sylling – Vikersund.