Roads east of Glomma

I’m on my way to Troendelag. Has taken a day off and started from Oslo early this morning. The idea was to take the scenic route and still arrive before it gets dark. I am already behind my schedule while I enjoy the magnificent scenery here by Skordalsvollan. I am overlooking lake Riasten and the peaks at 1200 – 1300 meters at the western horizon, and behind me ant to the east are the Skardsfjella mountains.

I can’t complain about the weather, it has been damp and cool most of the trip, and in some parts I have had wet road. I’ve ridden and driven Oslo – Trondelag – Oslo more times than I want to count. On several occasions I have chosen different routes to get some variety and without making the trip to long. There are still several roads I have not ridden, and today I planned to explore some of these, and then mostly those with little traffic and preferably east of the river Glomma.

E6 and Highway 3 took me to Elverum, from there I rode road 535 on the east side of Glomma. Here there is little traffic, very little traffic. The road is good, although at some places a little extra vigilance is required. I had a comfortable and relaxed trip up to Rena. From there I continued road 606 and stayed on the east side of the river up to Koppang. This road is a nice alternative to the busy highway 3. There are stretches of forest here as well, but the surroundings are more intimate and it was very relaxing to escape the heavy trucks on the main road.

From Garbekegga restarea you have a good overlook for the river Glomma.

In Koppang, I made a quick stop at the grocery store and to get something for lunch, before I head to road 3, regretbly on the west side of Glomma this time. Eight kilometres later I made a stop at the Garbekkegga rest area. As soon as I took off my jacket I realized that the fall wasn’t only in the red heather. The air was moist and there was a cool draft from the north. From the rest area, I had a nice view to the Glomma river. The slope toward the river is all red and blue alternately. Rarely have I seen such large lingonberries and blueberries. Tempting, but I refrained.

While enjoying my lunch, I can see something dripping from the front fork on the bike. The road has been wet, but not enough to make the bike wet. I brush a finger over the cuff on the left fork and feel the slippery oil. It is not very surprising. The RS don’t have that many kilometres on the meter, but rubber and plastics age despite little use. I am always sad when things like this happen, however, this is no problem, and I can continue the trip despite the oil leak.

On the road, I quickly found the rhythm and had just landed properly in the saddle when Storelgen (The Big Moose) appeared. What a giant! It stands guard over the road 3 at Bjøråa rest area. The ten meters high and twelve meters long statue is a magnificent sight.

Storelgen (the big elk) is overlooking the Bjoeraa restarea and Road 3.

After a short break, I continued north. Road 3 is not particularly exciting, but the BMW makes the kilometers pass fast and easy. I considered riding via Alvdal and continue to Roeros via Tynset. As I approached Hanestad I decided to take road 664 east to Rendalen. One of the few roads in this area I haven’t ridden before. The first turns up the hillside is on a broad and well maintained gravel road, on Hanestadkjoelen and past the lake Harrsjøen I could enjoy a black and fresh asphalt. I made a stop at Utsikten – the view point – in the hairpin turn that marks the start of the descent to Rendalen. The view point offers a fabulous view both south and north in the valley of Rendalen.

At Utsikten you have a godd overlook of Rendalen valley. And the monument tell us that this is an old road.

I entered road 30 in Oevre Rendal and continued north to Elvaal. Since I was well under way of exploring new roads, I turned right to road 665 which takes you through Unset, Finnstad and Brydal and to Tynset if you like. All though this road is not as well maintained as road 30, I still had an enjoyable ride and was delighted with my choice of route.

Brydalen has spooky forests and lots of berries.

The road winds up the valley between farms and through forests. With a moderate pace I was close to nature and had a cozy trip, and made a couple of stops along the road. The road follows the river most of the time. At Brydalen the road and the river separate. The river, now named Speka, turns east into the Spekadalen valley, while the road continues north along the marshes at Storoestfloen before leaving the forest and taking you over the mountain with marshes and some low pine trees. Then I descend towards Tynset.

I had nothing undone at Tynset, so as I arrive at road 681 I turned right towards north east and Tolga and another new road for me. This road runs parallel to the river Glomma, with the main road between Tynset end Roeros on the other side over the river. At Tolga I turn left and enter road 30 towards Roeros, as road 681 turns into road 26 and head south in direction of Engerdal – this is however another trip.

In Roeros it was time for refueling and a sausage as I started to feel I that I was lacking behind my schedule. I had no choice though; the shortest route, via Stoeren, was no choice, it is the trip over the mountain to Stuggudalen, with the stunning view from Skordalsvollan and eventually to the Sylan mountains that is today’s highlight. A ride I had no intention of sacrificing, to arrive an hour earlier at my destination.

Usually I ride road 31 toward Sweden and Brekken, but today I chose road 30 north and turned on to road 564 to Glåmos, then right on road 561 and then along the lake Aursunden to road 705 and head north over the mountain.

Langvikvollan 2
Langvikvollan 1
Langvikvollan 3
Aperture: 5.6
Camera: Canon PowerShot G3 X
Iso: 500
Orientation: 1
The reindeers was scared when the discovered me, but kept coming towards me.

I had road 705 to myself, only interrupted by a couple of reindeers which decided to cross the road in front of me. I stopped and let them take their time. Reindeer are curious, and these two didn’t run in to the woods, as I had expected. They came towards me, and just ten meters away they decided to run off into the woods and passed me in ten meters distance between the birches. The road up to the highest point at Skordalsvollan is soft open curves and one of my favorite roads. The sun was already low when I parked in the parking lot by Skardsvollan and the lake Riasten.

At Skordalsvollan, the highest point 920 m.a.s.l. of the trip, I take a rest to enjoy the view.

Here I am now. The air is crisp and although the temperature is around 5°C, the air has this cold draft and it feels like the red snow sticks along the road can be useful any time now. It’s time to move on. I close the jacket well and turn on the handlebar heat.

This the view over the Skardsfjell mountains on my way towards the lake Stuggusjoen.

The sun has not given up completely, and when I come down into the forest the autumn colors shines in all its glory. In the background the sunlight dance on the mountain Skardsfjella and the moss makes nice patterns as the sun finds its ways through the clouds. I can’t see the peaks, they are in the dark clouds. The peaks in the mountains Sylan are not visible, a bit disappointing, but the contrast between light from the low sun and the dark clouds covering the mountains is an amazing sight.

By Stuggusjoen the forest are dressed in autumn colours, while the horses still enjoy fresh and green grass.

By Stuggusjoeen the forest shows its autumn glory. The horses graze peacefully on the green and lush grass. In the west the clouds are getting darker. I have a nice ride on dry roads down to Tydal. The clouds in front of me have turned black. As I pass Aune it starts to rain. I stop and put on rain pants and mount the tank bag cover. Before I’m dressed the rain is pouring down.

I have no problems riding in the rain. This however is something else. The wind picks up and turns into local storm blasts. Normaly the BMW is stable, now I have to concentrate hard in order to keep a straight line and withstand the strong winds. Suddenly it is dark. As the rain eases, it brightens again. This is short-lived and I end today’s trip in darkness. Even though I missed the view of the beautiful Troendelag this time, I had a grand tour.

NB! Google Maps may change a route if it includes a road that is closed (e.g. closed during the winter) at the time you are viewing the route.