Lindesnes Lighthouse

Norway, Vest-Agder, Lindesnes

There are many nice detours from the E18 through Vest-Agder, and one of the nicest is the 28 km long detour to the Lindesnes Lighthouse. This Lighthouse is almost on the southernmost place on the Norwegian mainland.

These pictures and the video were captured on a trip I had in the middle of October 2008. It was freezing cold when I left the hotel in the morning, but the roads was dry, with some damp parts, but no ice – that’s what I thought.

After leaving E18 and entering the small community of Vigeland I had to cross a bridge. As I entered the bridge a car came in the opposite direction neglecting his duty to give way for oncoming traffic. It seemed like even before I had thought about braking I was lying on the bridge. What looked like a wet bridge was in fact a bridge covered with ice so slippery that it was difficult to stand on the feet.

When I had got the bike sorted, with a broken mirror, twisted front fork and splintered fairing, the car was gone. After some taping and straitening the front fork the bike was ready for new adventures.

This small event could not ruin the trip to Lindesnes Fry, and I enjoyed the road and the arrival at the lighthouse. This was off season so the museum was closed. But you can enjoy the lighthouse and its surroundings without the museum. Sitting on the warm and naked rock listening to the waves against the cliffs is relaxing and clears the mind.

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