Tempo Fighter 100 [1972]

Tempo Fighter 100, 1972

I had been riding a moped for one year and en the interest of motorcycling had been ignited. When I was 17 I bought the Norwegian produced Tempo Fighter 220 with a 100 ccm engine. It had a simple chassis, a classic blue metallic and chrome tank and a Sachs engine. This was a dream come true for a 17 year old boy. My friends had Honda CB 100s. In order to keep up with the Hondas I installed a 125 ccm cylinder and piston. The CB 100s was still faster on the straights, but up hill the Fighter was stronger and kept up with the Hondas even with a passenger.

The first long distance trip was round the Beistadfjord, to Vanvikan and Mosvik and back to Sandvollan. I have never had such a pain sitting, but despite this – it was this trip that started my touring carrier. After one year the Fighter was sold in favour of a new Suzuki GT 380.

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Tempo Fighter 100 1972

Engine: 1-cylinder two stroke. Air-cooled. 1 carburettor. Kick-starter.
Compression: 9,0:1.
Bore x stroke: 48 x 54 mm. (54 x 54 mm.)
Cylinder volume: 98 ccm. (124 ccm)
Power: 7 hp at 6150 rpm.
Transmission: 5-speed. Chain.
Frame: Double cradle steel.
Tyres: 2.75×17 front and rear.
Brakes: Drum brakes front and rear.