Geiranger, Dalsnibba og Oerneveien

Road 63 from Eidsdal to road 15 at Strynefjellet. Stranda, Moere og Romsdal. Norway. 49 km. 1476 m.a.s.l.

If you take this complete route and includes a trip to the Dalsnibba (1476 m.a.s.l.) it is difficult to get more height meters on Norwegian roads.

Geiranger is fantastic with the steep mountains plunging straight into the deep green fjord. In summer, it is characterized by intense tourist traffic and tourists come both by sea and by land. That means heavy traffic in the summer months. Most cruise tourists take a bus ride to Oerneveien (The Eagleroad), Trollstigen and Dalsnibba when they go ashore. So be aware, you are not alone on these roads in the summer months.

Coming from the north via Trollstigen and the ferry between Linge and Eidsdal Geiranger is naturally on the route, and you get a good view of fjord and Geiranger from Oerneveien. Take a break at the new picnic area and enjoy the view.

From Geiranger you have several options. You can take the ferry to Hellesylt and experience the breathtaking Geiranger fjord from the deck. Or you take the road 63 to Strynefjellet. The curves starts as you leave Geiranger and by the time you are at the top of Djupvasshytta and the start of the road to Dalsnibba you have done 38 hairpins. On the way up from Geiranger you should take the time to stop by Flydalsjuvet, and there are also many charming places to take short detours. The Corkscrew and the few stretches that are left of the old road are ride able if you master the combination of gravel and hairpins.

At Djupvasshytta I would recommend a detour to Dalsnibba. This is gravel road and with 11 hairpins that takes you to the top of Dalsnibba at 1476 meters above sea level. At the top you have (depending on the weather) a perfect view of the surrounding mountains, the Geiranger fjord and Ørneveien.

The road from Geiranger to Strynefjellet is closed in winter from ca. November to May. Check on This route can be combined with Trollstigen and if you go to Stryn, and you like going on gravel roads I will recommend the old Strynefjellsveien from Grotli.

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This route can be combined with the route over Trollstigen.