Pieve – Lago di Garda

Lago di Garda, Italy

The area around Lake Garda offer fantastic motorcycle roads and pleasant temperatures. The motorcycle season is from April to October. July and August can be too hot.

This tour is just one of many detours you could do. Pieve is a small village located high above Lake Garda and the famous Ristorante Miralago is hanging on the cliff towards the lake. Many attractive roads lead you to Pieve, but the most spectacular and scenic is the one through the Brasa gorge down to Lake Garda. For the novice, this route can be challenging since the road is extremely narrow and the mountain is steep.

When you get down to the main road, I can recommend taking to the right and go to the port of Gargnano for a little break before heading to the mountains in the direction of Idro.