Aurlandsfjellet, Aurlandsvangen – Laerdasfjord

Distance: 44 km. Highest point: 1306 m.a.s.l.

This is one of my favourite West Coast roads. The ride from Aurland to Laerdal offers a variety of road conditions, fantastic nature, from the green hillsides by the fjords and in Erdalen to the naked mountain.

The road over Aurlandsfjellet is a Nasjonal Tourist road and have got a fantastic roadside viewpoint at Stegastein. There is also a viewpoint on the north side overlooking the Erdal valley.

Most of the time there is very little traffic over the mountain.

Many prefer to drive the tunnel through the mountain. If the weather is on the bright side I suggest you take the road over the mountain. The road is of good quality, but have some very narrow parts. So you should take care and also watch out for sheep resting in the middle of road

At each end of the Aurlandsfjell you have several scenic roads to choose from. In Aurland I can recommend the road to Hol, another scenic mountain route. And if you ride up the Laerdal valley you should take time riding the old road. Now it is a tourist attraction.

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