…to the smell of lilac…

I have a fantastic road for motorcycling when going to our cabin in the mountains. An afternoon in May I had to take a quick ride to our cabin just to get some things I had forgotten the previous weekend. Everything promised well, on a Thursday afternoon and evening the traffic is no problem and all trees carrying flowers seemed to bloom and the air was filled with smell of blooming lilac. Spring was here.

I start from work a little earlier and avoid the rush traffic out of Oslo. In Drammen, the traffic is dense but I have e quick ride to Aamot where I ride towards Sigdal and Eggedal. I make a stop at Haugfoss. The café is closed and I have the place to myself. The river is big and the waterfall is impressive as the water cascades to the bottom of the valley. Haugfoss and Blaafarvevaerket is open in the summer and in the weekends in spring and autumn.

As I continue up the valley I have the road to myself. I find a good rhythm and the BMW swallow the kilometres with ease. The road is even, the holes and humps from this winter’s frost is history and the road is back to its normal quality. I enjoy the curves and have a good time.

I hadn’t planned for any more stops, however when I arrive at Sandsbraaten and the lake Soneren lies in front of me I make a brief stop. The mountain Andersnatten is a famous landmark and now it is mirrored in the lake. I admire the view and make some pictures before heading on.

A while later I am approaching Lauvlia; Theodor Kittelsen’s home. In my mind, I can see his drawings and paintings in which he has used Andersnatten as an element. Between the road and the lake there are some installations where you can admire some of Kittelsen’s works on glass plates and place the profile of Andersnatten in the background. A perfect illustration how Kittelsen found inspiration in the nature in Sigdal.

After Eggedal centre the road becomes very twisty with many blind curves to the right. I go for safety and ride carefully. As I am closing in on Haglebu the mountain Haglebunatten appears straight ahead. There are still some snow on the top.

At the cabin, I grab what I came for, and head home again. With the sun on my back the ride down the valley is much more pleasant. In Eggedal the old guys are sitting in the evening sun outside the local store. I have the road to myself most of the time now. As I stop and take some pictures at the lake Solevatnet I can hear the familiar sound of an old Porsche 911 passing by. It is a nice evening for a drive in the Porsche too.

The sun is very low as I arrive at Soneren and the lake is dark and mysterious. Some kilometres before Lauvlia I make a stop and admire the lambs. They are still on too small to go to the mountain pasture, but are enjoying the life by Soneren with their mothers at hand for feeding. They are curious on me, a little brave and a little shy at the same time as they approach the fence. In two or three weeks, they will be sent off to their “summer holiday” in mountains.

At a barn, further down the road are the lilac trees are covered in white flowers and I stop to enjoy the smell. (A year later the trees are gone, but the barn is still there.) Some canadian geese are enjoying the green grass on the field by the road. They don’t mind the passing cars, the funny guy on the motorcycle however is scary and they retreat towards the lake.

I don’t want to disturb and rides on to Sandsbraaten for an even better picture with Andersnatten and the lake in the evening light.

I follow the water towards Prestfoss and Soneren becomes Kraakefjorden and after the waterfall in Prestfoss, becomes the river Simoa. On some parts, the road follows the river which is deep and dark on some places. Surrounded by blooming trees this makes a perfect contrast. On its way to Haugfoss the river has some more waterfalls and I make a stop at the waterfall downstream from Kolsrud. This is not a big waterfall, but the power in the water passing me is as I sit on a rock by the river, is impressing.

My next stop is at the biathlon legend Ole Einar Bjoerndalen’s picnic area at Simostranda. The area is situated between the road and the river and this is a nice place to stop for a break and even a bath in the river if you like. There is a pier by the river behind a hedge which form a shelter towards the road.  The river is still and reflects the trees on the other riverbank so well that it is difficult to see which of the pictures in the gallery above is upside down.

As I approach Aamot and the cork screw on the other side of the river Drammenselva I have the moon in front of me, and as a companion on the transport back home. I have had a wonderful afternoon. If I get one of this kind during the summer I feel privileged.

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