I have the day to my self – and it is a perfect day for a motorcycle ride. I have a few things I need to take care of at the cabin, but after that it will be time for a long ride home. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken stopped at Svangtjernmyra, a small nature reserve nearby our cabin, and I haven’t ridden the road via Buvann to Sokna since I rode over there from Sokna to Hedalen with two colleges on a BMW F 700 GS, a Honda TransAlp 650 and a Yamaha XT660 to make a story for a magazine.

The ride to the cabin is always a joy, and I have a perfect ride. On a day like today with no traffic, and the sun shining from a clear blue sky Sigdal and Eggedal show them self from their best side. The must-do thing which at the cabin are quickly taken care of and I am ready for the journey home. I have completed almost half of today’s trip, but the best part remains – I hope.

I’ve got many miles with the NC now, and it has shown its colors in terms of endurance. Just over 400 km on one tank is not bad when the tank only holds 14 liters, and the average speed was 75 km/h. And the comfort is good. The edges of the seat squeezed a little on the inside of the thighs on the first trips, but that has also worked out and I no longer a problem. I really enjoy the NC it is exactly the bike I need now. My riding style has become a little more laid back over the years, and to get a little help holding back on the speed is a good thing. I still have the pace in my body and the NC is a joy in the curves. It is much easier to handle than the BMW and makes it easier for me to stop along the road for pictures or just to enjoy the view.

After fixing some small things at the cabin and a short rest in the sun, I start the journey home. On the way down towards Bromma, I stop at Svangtjernmyra and enjoy the sound of the water and the stream near the shelter. Some swallows sweep low over the water and small fish leave small rings when they are up and snapping insects. This is truly a lovely place. I hope we can preserve the small nature reserves like this one. If you are riding alone or in a small group, I can recommend a short stop here.

« av 4 »

From here I quickly roll down towards road 7. The single front brake is not of the same caliber as I am used to from the BMW R1100RS. The bite is softer, it stops quickly enough. The road descends quickly and safely towards Bromma, only interrupted by a small photo stop with the view of Hallingdalselva and the Bromma Fjord. Previously, this view came out of the sharp left turn a little further up, but the forest has grown and stolen the view.

On road 7, I look for opportunities to follow the left side of the river towards Flå, but there is no continuous road on that side of the river and a bridge work further down stopped the possibility of taking the first part on the left bank, so I stay on the E16. I follow the traffic to Gulsvik. Here I take the first exit to the left.

It’s been many years since I the first time I rode this road (On gravel roads – From Sokna to Golsfjellet), I think it was in 1982. Then I came from the opposite direction, maybe it’s no wonder I can’t remember the directions exactly. I turn in on a road I think can lead me on the right direction, but I soon realize that I am on the wrong way and ask some guys in a garage about the road. They guide me down to the parallel road to road 7 and tell me to keep to the left for a short distance until I reach a signposted intersection. And quite rightly, a little further on I can turn left and follow the signs to Sørbygda, Viddalen and Buvann.

I ride up the hill on a nice narrow asphalt road. It eventually ends in a dirt road and a barrier. I pay the toll and continue. The road gets steeper. To begin with I ride on a nice gravel road, but the road quality changes dramatically. There has been forestry work here and heavy equipment and machines with belts have been driven on the road. The bike shakes violently, and occasionally there are deep tracks and loose gravel. The riding conditions is demanding. Longer suspension travel and rougher tires would have been in order if I was going to keep up the pace here. Maybe the toll was a bit too high considering the quality of the road.

But I’m in no rush – not yet anyway. The bike shakes heavily, what doesn’t come off the bike now will never come off. This is a real shakedown for the NC. The driving style becomes subdued and careful. After all, I have no guarantee that I have the road to myself and in some places the road is so that I use the entire width of the road to find a stable surface. Luckily, I don’t meet any cars.

Utsikt til Øvstevatnet
« av 3 »

This doesn’t last forever and suddenly I’m on a good and steady road again and can pick up the pace. There is little traffic and I meet the first car in a favorable place but ride carefully and take care in blind curves and where the road is narrow. The next car passes while I am parked at Øvstevassetran. I’m taking a little break. Enjoying the view south over Øvstevatnet and the warmth from the sun. The old and sunburnt buildings blend nicely into the surroundings. There is something special about such old farmhouses. I’m deep in the forest now, but right here it’s airy and open. I am happy to be here and enjoy the silence, the warmth, and the view.

It is not far to Buvann now. At the intersection I keep to the right. It has been many years since I rode past here. Last time was on a report trip together with two colleges making a story three bikes, a BMW 700 GS, a Honda TransAlp 650, and a Yamaha XT 660, this was before adventure bikes got popular. That time we came from Sokna and kept right at the intersection an riding towards Viddalen and Hedalen.

« av 5 »

This is an area with a lot of history. There are several boards along the road with stories about the timber industry and the farms, interesting reading, however only in Norwegian. At Buvassdammen I take a break, pick some berries, and go down to the water to admire the old dam. The lingonberries are big and ripe, very big in fact, and there are still plenty of blueberries left. Now time is running out and I’m in a hurry. The road is easy to ride, and you don’t need all-terrain tires or an adventure bike to tackle this road.

I pass Frisvatnet and Frisvasdammen. Friselva starts here. It flows into Sognevatnet and continues like Sogna down to Sokna and on until after a few kilometers it flows into Tyrifjorden. I follow the river through Strømsoddbygda. The first stretch of asphalt is no fun, it’s bad. But then there is fresh black asphalt and the trip down to Sokna is fast. I When arriving on road 7 I keep right and ride to the roundabout and turn left in the direction of Tranby and enter road 7 at the bend at Bårnås bridge. It is probably not faster than staying on road 7, but this road is also a nice alternative if you are passing Sokna and want to avoid the speed bumps and the speed limit through the center of Sokna.

From Bårnås I ride the main road home. I have made the most of the day and it is nine o’clock when I park at home. I have done 331 km and it is about 13 hours since I started from home this morning. I have had a wonderful day and I am very pleased when I put the helmet on the shelf. In the garage, the NC stands with a freshly lubricated chain and is ready for the next trip.