Towards the Swedish border east and southeast of Oslo there is a paradise for motorcycle riders. The area offers roads with almost no traffic, beautiful roads and nice nature. This round trip from Oslo via Rømskog is just over 20 km. I rode in an afternoon, but it can easely become a pleasant day trip.

I’m not happy with the motorcycle season; I had planned for a proper motorcycle ride this season as well. Now other projects have taken too much time, and it seems that afternoon trips will be the solution. I have already had a trip east this summer, and the peaceful and entertaining roads towards the Swedish border is todays destination too. To get off as early as possible I have taken the motorcycle to work. There is surprisingly little traffic out of town, at Lillestrøm there is a bit of traffic, and it is the usual cue just before Fetsund. At the petrol station on the east side of the river there are lots of motorcycles in the parking lot. I take a burger before heading for Bjørkelangen. I have the sun in my back and it is already quite low.

The trip to Bjørkelangen is no great driving experiences, and I have just over 50 kilometers at the odometer when the entertaining part of the trip starts. In Bjørkelangen I turn left onto Fv 170 and hunt my shadow through the curves uphill to the lake Røytjenn. This is the kind of road the RS likes, and today it’s in in top form and soon I find a good rhythm.

The rest area at the lake Røytjenn is deserted today, but on nice summer days it is very busy here as the lake is very popular for bathing and swimming. Now there is only a cabriolet parked under the trees on the seaside side and a young couple is enjoying the view and the silence.

On my way to Bjørkelangen there was some traffic, now however I have the road to myself. After Røytjenn you enter a tight right curve, which is followed by a tight left bend, so be alert. The rest of the road to Setskog have gentle and entertaining curves. Just before I get to the junction at Fv 21, I get a glimpse of the lake Setten. Once I have left Setskog and the 60-zone the roads gets twisty and I enjoy the ride towards Rømskog. I still have the sun on my back – most of the time.

After Rømskog the road takes all my attention, and to enjoy the view of Rømsjøen I recommend you take a break at on one of the rest areas along the road. There will be no break for me today, and I concentrate fully on my riding as there are some demanding curves along the lake. First over a hilltop, then almost straight into a tight left curve that starts gently before it tightens hard towards the end, and then almost directly into a blind right curve. You can really feel it when go hit the correct line here, it is like flying. On the other hand, you will feel I well if you miss the line as well, so stay alert.

I get a glimpse of Rømsjøen before I’m in the woods again. Sweden is just a short distance away now, but I stay on Fv 21. I am just 2.5 kilometers from the Swedish border. The straights are longer now, and the sun is getting lower and as I now is heading south and south west am riding towards the sun.  The lightshow when sun shines on the yellow leaves on the birches is fantastic. But it also makes the ride more demanding as the contrast to the dark shadows makes it very difficult to see the road. The most difficult part is in the curves by the lakes Hølvannet and Bekketjern, about 3.5 km before the crossing at Jåvall.

At Jåvall, I turn right on Fv 125. If I had a little more time I would turn left on Fv 123 to Ydersbotn and Hemnes, but I keep right at the crossing at Krok and stay on Fv 125 and pass the lake Skulerudsjøen. At Hemnes I turn onto Fv 230 and passes the lake Hellesjøvannet. Now I’m surrounded by wide fields. At Fv 115 I turn left and after a km I turn right on Fv 231 to Momoen where I enter Fv 169. The sun is low now, and although the head on sun is bothersome in some curves I enjoy the ride to Gran. At Gran I keep right on Fv 22. Now it is pure transportation via Lillestrøm back to Oslo.

I have done more than 200 km, and have spent just over three and a half hours on the road. I have always enjoyed my trips in this area near the Swedish border. There are some kilometers of transport before I get to the good roads, this is however a small price to pay. I can recommend this trip as an afternoon ride, an as a day trip, the area has much more to offer, even for those seeking gravel roads. Check out the map and you will find many nice alternative routes.

NB! Google Maps may change a route if it includes a road that is closed (e.g. closed during the winter) at the time you are viewing the route.