BMW R 1100 RS summer 2019

Status as of summer 2019

It’s time for a technical update again. I made some updates on the bike last spring, including replacing the shock absorbers front and rear with components from Wilbers. It has been a success. The bike stands a little taller, which I have partly compensated for by mounting a side stand plate from Wünderlich, but it still stands a bit higher on the side stand than before. The seat height is of course also a little higher, but I still have the seat in the middle position.

The original dampers were I good condition, but still there was a noticeable improvement in both suspension and damping with the dampers and springs from Wilbers. The character has become a bit sportier, but the RS still handles well on demanding road conditions and the RS is stable and comfortable.

I mounted an Autoswitch AS7 to control the extra power outlet that I use to power the GPS, among other things. It is controlled via the “Off switch” for the indicators, a feature that is very simple and functional. The warning lamp that came with it was too powerful, so I have hidden it out of sight. Sometimes the Autoswitch turns itself off when I start the engine. It is probably the voltage drop when the starter motor is activated that triggers the Autoswitch to turn off. As a result, I have no control over when the power is on or off while driving. If I have the GPS on it is no big problem, and when the bike is parked, I can easily control the warning lamp – so no crisis, but not optimal.

The change of gear oil to Liqui Moly has improved the gearchange.

The update I was most excited about last year was the change to Liqui Moly GL5 LS SAE 75W-140 oil on the gearbox. I noticed a slight change right away, but now after some thousand more miles there is a noticeable improvement in the gear shift. The shift to the third gear which was the most problematic, has become much smoother. This was a good investment.

Just before the trip to the Dolomites in September last year, I noticed a sideways movement from the rear wheel in righthand turns. Upon closer inspection, I found a dent in the rim on the right side. Not so much that the tire shape was affected and when riding straight ahead and in left-hand turns it was not noticeable, but I could notice a slight shaking and movement from the rear wheel in right turns. On the motorways in Germany and Italy the problem became more noticeable. But it had not been possible to get a new rim before I left. To buy a new rim was no issue, price: NOK 6280. The solution was a used rim on eBay for 1500 NOK Included VAT. It had a small scratch but was round and otherwise very nice.

Checking the valve clearance is straight forward og done in minutes.

The RS has now passed 60,000 km and I took a valve and oil service some days ago day. There is always something that can go wrong, and so did this time too. The cylinder head cover bolts have been tightened too much, so two years ago I had to mount HeliCoil threads for one of the bolts. I knew it was not quite right when I unscrewed one of the cylinder head bolts, and when I got the cylinder head cover off there were metal shavings on the bolt and the bolt hole in the cylinder head looked rather messy. I got the bolt back in place after the valve adjustment but must mount HeliCoil threads here next time the cylinder head cover comes off.

The wIndscreen from AeroFlow gives less windnoise and better protection.

After the cylinder head issue, I had to calm down and decided to reinstall the new AeroFlow windscreen that I bought this winter. Must try it again, do not know if it is an old man’s weaknesses, but has become more sensitive to noise, and the wind noise became significantly less intrusive with the new windscreen, so it is worth another try. The first test of the windscreen was both positive and negative. Positive in the sense that I experienced significantly less turbulence around the helmet and better protection. Negative in that there was simply too little airflow and thus also less feel of speed. But I’m set for another try, maybe we will be friends this time …

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