BMW R 1100 RS Spring 2016

Spring 2016 update

I did some updates on the R 1100 RS last fall, but before this season, it is time for a more check of the bike, and here is a list of this year’s spring checkpoints:

1. I started with a full check of the fuel system, I changed all hoses, including those in the fuel tank. I also changed the fuel filter and mounted new seals to the tank. If you have done this on a R 1100 RS you know that this is not done in a jiffy.

2. Then I changed the alternator belt, the original one was slightly chipped at the edges and was ripe for replacement.

3. Valve adjustment was next. With four feeler gauges in use at the same time this was an easy job, which had been impossible with only two feeler gauge in use. I do not know if it was necessary, but it is recommended to replace the top cover gaskets on valve checks, so I did that and replaced the O-seals around the spark plug holes as well.

4. I installed new spark plugs.

5. In addition to changing engine oil and oil filter I also changed the oil on the gearbox and rear axle.

6. Then finally II did a synchronization of throttle. I had read me up, and made my own manometer. Parts of the fairing is so close to the exhaust system in front of the cylinders that I chose to dismount the fairing before I started the work. I also mounted a fan in front of each cylinder to keep the engine temperature at a reasonable level. It took some time to find the correct setting of the throttles, and I must admit that I was not 100 percent happy with the result when I finished.

I’ve always liked to take out the bike for an evening ride on the new oil. To stop and enjoy the view and with the smell of fresh oil play is a nice experience. This time I was very pleased with the trip, the RS was much better to ride. The vibration was reduced and the throttle response was smoother and the engine run smoother at constant throttle.

But I was not completely satisfied and had a few things I wished to do before the season’s long distance trips. Although the engine now run smoothly at constant gas I thought it would be room for improvement. The Danish manufactured Booster Plug was ordered and installed – the installation was done in less than 10 minutes. And voila, this was another significant step in the right direction when it comes to smooth running at constant throttle.

I like the RSs sporting style. On longer trips, however this can be a little tiring for the neck and shoulders. I therefore started the search for a pair of handlebar raisers that would move the handlebars a little closer. I found them at Wünderlich. And thus, was the matter resolved and daily distances of 1200 km is no problem. 🙂

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